Once a Rainbow Girl, always a Rainbow Girl! When a Rainbow Girl reaches the age of twenty or marries, she is considered a Majority Member. But that doesn't mean it is the end of her Rainbow career. As a matter of fact, many of our Majority Members are some of our greatest supporters, mentors, and adult leaders.  Invaluable to the organization, They provide networking opportunities while connecting current members with their Rainbow heritage.

Each year the Alumni Association of Georgia meets at Grand Assembly to discuss ways we can support the girls. We often conduct fundraisers, offer support and annually award scholarships to Rainbow Girls as well as Majority Members who are wanting to attend college or technical school.

Are you a former Georgia Rainbow Girl looking to reconnect with your Rainbow sisters? Or an Alumni from another state but current residing in Georgia? ANY former member of Rainbow (regardless of whether or not the member participated in the Majority ceremony, delinquent dues, or life circumstances) is welcome to join and participate in the Georgia IORG Alumni Association.

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