Throughout the year, the girls and adults of Georgia Rainbow stay busy with various travels and activities. Here is just a sample list of statewide events:

  • Grand Worthy Advisors Special Project Kick-Off
  • Grand Worthy Advisor/State Master Counselor Reception
  • GRAB CAMP - Georgia Rainbow Annual Blast
  • 5 Official Visits
  • Grand Cross Mystic Luncheon
  • School of Instruction/Adult Workshop
  • Annual State and Grand Officer Christmas Parties
  • Grand Worthy Advisor Special Project Event
  • Ritualistic Competition (Individual and Assembly)
  • Miss Rainbow Ball including the announcement of           Miss Rainbow and her Service Court
  • Dad Appreciation Day
  • Annual Mother/Daughter Luncheon in Savannah
  • Founders Day Event
  • Grand Correspondents Quarterly Newsletter
  • Grand Assembly (Annual GA Conference)
  • Supreme Assembly (Bi-annual International Conference)

Upcoming Events