As a Parent How Involved Can I Be?
Rainbow would not exist anywhere in the world if it were not for the outstanding group of adults that play such an important role within the organization. From parents to grandparents, aunts and uncles and even those who were in Rainbow when they were younger. Rainbow Adults are mentors, leaders and most importantly, friends to each Rainbow Girl.

Adults are always welcome at our activities, whether they are attending meetings or fun activities. We encourage parents to enjoy Rainbow with their daughters and to help them develop bonds with the girls and adults of the assembly.

The great thing about the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is that you can be as involved as much as you like. We encourage all parents and adults to experience Rainbow with their daughters, nieces, and granddaughters. From planned activities to traveling with the assembly up and down the state of Georgia and sometimes in other states or countries.

Parents, Grandparents, Legal Guardians, members of any Masonic organization (Shrine, OES, Amaranth, etc.) and wives of Master Masons can be present at rainbow meetings and can become members of advisory boards. Every assembly has a group of adults who serve as advisors, helping the girls to learn ritual, plan their events and to be trusted confidants.