Anessia Underwood

Grand Worthy Advisor

Session Theme: Sunsets, A Vision of Peace

Message: Let there be peace on earth

Motto: "I destroy my enemy when I make him my friend" ~ Abraham Lincoln

Emblem: Dove for peace and Sunsets for the beauty of the Lord

Fun Symbols: Panda


"Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which can not be shaken ut endures forever" ~Psalms 125:1


Colors: Mauve and Ivory

Flower: White Roses and Baby's Breath

Honor Station: Faith

Songs: "All I have to be", "Fathers Eyes", "Because of who you are", "Via Dolorosa", "True Friend"

Special Project: Muscular Dystrophy Association

Special Memory: 1992 was the first year of our Southern Belle competition.


1991 - 1992 Grand Officers

Anessia UnderwoodGrand Worthy Advisor
Erin SchwartzGrand Worthy Associate Advisor
Megan ReedGrand Charity
Anita AndersonGrand Hope
Allyson FleckGrand Faith
Dawn Ashley Grand Recorder
Andrea ClarkGrand Treasurer
Missy HepnerGrand Chaplain
Crystal MillardGrand Drill Leader
Cynthia HicksGrand Love
Beth MorrisGrand Religion
Candy StewardGrand Nature
Nikki SnipesGrand Immortality
Kym MurphyGrand Fidelity
Debra BrackGrand Patriotism
Dawn MeeksGrand Service
Jennifer WilbanksGrand Confidential Observer
Shannon KilgoreGrand Outer Observer
Beth HollidayGrand Musician
Cherry MorelandGrand Choir Director
Jenny BalmerGrand Protem
Michelle ClemenshawGrand Protem
Pamela LarsonGrand Protem
Shanda LockwoodGrand Protem
Stephanie QuattlebaumGrand Protem
Jewel WeaverGrand Protem
Bernice PeppersState Mother Advisor