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Membership/Public Relations

Our Membership and PR team will be happy to assist you!
Below are instructions on how to submit a press release for publications.

  1. Send your details in a word document and include the Who, What, Where, Why and When in your description.
  2. Include contact information if appropriate, and at least one jpeg photo of good quality. Please note the names of those in the photo.
  3. Include the names (s) of the publication you wish to have your press release submitted.
  4. Once drafted, you will receive a proof for final approval.
  5. Your PR team will take care of submitting the article for you.

Please note that not all publications will pick-up every release they receive.

What makes a great press release is being timely, showing purpose or cause, and not being a sales pitch.

If you have any questions please reach out to your Membership/PR team:

Lynette Hegeman – 970-389-4113 –

Laura Martin – 912-320-9309 –