You’re ready to become a Rainbow Girl and we could not be more excited! There are 4 steps to becoming a Rainbow Girl, and so you don’t have any surprises, we’ll walk you through them:

Step 1: Say hello!

Reach out to us by either contacting your local assembly, hitting us up on Facebook or dropping us a line through the website. Someone will get in touch with you within 48 hours to introduce themselves, and schedule a visitation.

Step 2: Visitation

This is our opportunity to meet you, meet your parents, answer any questions you have, help you fill out your application, and schedule your initiation into Rainbow. It can be done at your house, or we can meet you for coffee at Starbucks (our treat).

Step 3: Paperwork

Between your visitation and initiation, we have some paperwork to do. Your application will be presented at the Assembly’s next meeting, and the girls will vote on you becoming a member through balloting. Balloting is a ceremony from when Rainbow was formed, and in honor of our history, we still ballot on every girl who applies to join. But it’s so rare for the girls to vote against someone joining, most members have never even heard of that happening. Depending on when the Assembly’s next meeting is, this could take a couple of weeks.

Step 4: Your Initiation

Like balloting, Initiation is a ceremony from 1922. It’s the most formal thing we do, so if it seems like a lot, don’t let that put you off. Nearly every organization has some form of ceremony that makes you an official member. Ours takes about an hour. During your initiation you’ll hear the 7 lessons of Rainbow, learn our secret handshake (yes, we have one of those – if your mom or dad was in a fraternity or sorority in college, it might even be the same or similar to theirs), and do what will seem like a lot of walking. And then that’s it. Now you’re a Rainbow Girl.