Our Grand Deputies and State Executive Committee are the adult leaders in the state of Georgia who work with our Supreme Inspector to make sure our organization runs efficiently and purposefully.

Michelle PyrtleState Executive Committee, Chairman Jonesboro Assembly
Julie HobbsGrand Deputy/State Executive CommitteeAlbany, MH Hardison, Savannah
Kim MayGrand Deputy/State Executive CommitteeCherokee, Columbus, Jonesboro, Nancy Hart
Delilah RickettsGrand Deputy/State Executive CommitteeBattlehill, Dawn Hughes, Friendship, Rose
Angie WilliamsGrand Deputy/State Executive CommitteeCharity, Faith, Freedom, Hope
Shirley DouglasState Executive CommitteeBattle Hill Assembly
Leigh KnightState Executive CommitteeColumbus Assembly
Mickey PhilipsState Executive CommitteeJonesboro Assembly
Helen Cox, PMWGMState Executive CommitteeLife Member
Bill HardisonState Executive CommitteeLife Member
Thomas ShehaneState Executive CommitteeEmeritus Member
Dorothy PuckettState Mother AdvisorSavannah Assembly