Delilah Freeman

Grand Worthy Advisor

Session: Winds of Change

Themes: “I believe that we cannot live better than in seeking to become still better than we are."

Mottos: Change not him, but yourself.

Emblem: Anchor

Fun Emblems: Sandcastles, Beach Balls, and Seashells


“Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what measurement ye judge, ye shall be judged; and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." ~Matthew 7: 1-2


Colors: Emerald Green and Pale Yellow

Honor Station: Hope

Flowers: Gladiolas and Seasonals

Songs: "Man in the Mirror" "Hopes Set High" "He and You Needed Me"

Special Project: Georgia Special Olympics

Mascot: Seal

1994 - 1995 Grand Officers

Delilah FreemanGrand Worthy Advisor
Samantha SimsGrand Worthy Associate Advisor
Robin SharpGrand Charity
Bobbie Jo LoveGrand Hope
Jennifer EckenrothGrand Faith
Tiffany CheekGrand Recorder
Audrey HollidayGrand Treasurer
Victoria PetersonGrand Chaplain
Eria ValleyGrand Drill Leader
Stephanie WhiteGrand Love
Christie JonesGrand Religion
Beth HollidayGrand Nature
Kristi DumasGrand Immortality
Michele NeukertGrand Fidelity
Amanda LedbetterGrand Patriotism
Brandi BlountGrand Service
Bonita BryantGrand Confidential Observer
Jessica BowieGrand Outer Observer
Angela WatkinsGrand Choir Director
Heather JacksonGrand Soloist
Becky HaynesGrand Protem
Teresa JonesGrand Protem
Carolyn ElrodGrand Protem
Samantha LavenburgGrand Protem
Cathy DunlapState Mother Advisor